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What is Fascia? How Can It Affect Physical Health?

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Could it be linked to the pain
I’m experiencing?

Yes, absolutely! Unhealthy fascia can cause pain and stiffness in the body. And because it is interconnected throughout your body, an issue in one area can easily spread to other areas too.


Tight fascia is a common occurrence in our 21st-century society, and it has a whole range of probable causes:


Bad posture – this can be caused by doing your work in a chair that doesn’t support your posture, or even just looking at your smart phone too much. 

Injuries, scar tissue, inflammation, and medical ailments can all affect your fascia.

A sedentary lifestyle and environmental causes can mis-train your fascia in everyday life. This leads to poor movement, risking pain and injuries.

Underlying inflammation from a medical condition

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Where is it in the body?

There are a lot of misconceptions about fascia. Fascia (pronounced fa-sha) is connective tissue loaded with collagen fibers. Essentially, it is a web that holds your body together.


Fascia encases and permeates everything from muscles to blood vessels, and is also under your skin. There are four different kinds – structural, intersectoral, visceral and spinal – and they all work together to keep everything in your body in place. 


When fascia is healthy, it is springy and supple, able to twist and move freely. Unhealthy fascia, on the other hand is tight and inflexible. It can even be hard.

Fascial issues cause discomfort and tightness in the body. If you have any of the following issues, it may be linked to your fascia:


Joint pain


Posture dysfunction


Back pain


Muscle imbalances


Body misalignments

Most importantly, this negatively impacts on your quality of life. Whatever that means to you – spending time with your family, staying in shape, reaching your goals – you need springy, healthy fascia to stay pain-free and at your peak performance. Unhealthy fascia can lead to lost productivity and increases in your medical expenses.

How can working with my fascia help? 

Most people aren’t aware of their fascia, and so don’t truly exercise it or train it. That means it is not working at its best. What’s more, because it is throughout the body and has more pain receptors than muscles, there’s a lot of potential for physical discomfort. Many don’t realize how much better they could feel by working with it. Perhaps that’s you?

Body Spring is a way to exercise your fascia and make it springier – hence the name. Over the course of training, you will reconfigure your fascia, and become able to use it properly in your movements. The method and products work in tandem, and the aim is that you will need it less and less, like a set of training wheels on a bicycle, as your fascia strengthens. We will teach your body movement lessons that it will keep in its muscle memory for the rest of your life. 


What can Body Spring do for me?

Body Spring's method, educational resources, and products strengthen and support your body’s joints and tissues, reconfiguring and unkinking your body’s fascia. It is done by exercising slightly differently to the way you’re probably familiar with. 

Learn with us! We provide provide videos, course, and seminars on learning about fascia as a way to improve your physical health and wellness.

This different approach is simple, and follows key principles of movement to activate the fascia spring inside your body. Basically, your nervous system gives your body permission to start remodeling your fascia into alignment. That means increased movement performance alongside pain reduction.


Interested in Body Spring? 

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