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About the Founder

About Dr. Meena McCullough PT

Dr. Meena McCullough is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, entrepreneur, and innovator based in the Texas Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

Dr. McCullough PT was raised in Texas and New Jersey. As a child, she had parents who understood the value in enrolling her in sports and active hobbies. As she grew up, she enjoyed playing sports, keeping up with her brother, and performing dance.












In her early 20s, she attained her undergraduate degree from Texas State University, then later went on to receive her clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree in 2014 at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. 



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Dr. McCullough PT is a practing outpatient therapist, lab instructor, guest lecturer, and candidate interviewer for Doctor of Physical Therapy students at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

She advocates for integrating Myofascial education more into physical therapy school curriculums. 

Above all, she is most proud of her track record for solving pain mysteries.

She believes she is more than a physical therapist, but also an educator, entrepreneur, and innovator who can truly make an impact in people’s lives to release them from their body limitations.


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Our Founder's Tenacity

Dr. Meena McCullough PT used her education, passion for learning and williness to work hard and not settle to overcome a problem.These methods were first discovered by the embodied learning of healing herself of pain in almost all of her joints.


Globally, the products and methods share knowledge acquired by Meena McCullough, Doctor of Physical Therapy, during her recovery from years of living with chronic debilitating pain to an active, athletic, joyful life.


During her recovery she tirelessly tried health practitioners, and recovery techniques with little to no success. Even as a physical therapist she almost gave up on using movement to heal herself, until she discovered these principles and tools.


These techniques finally unlocked her body in a new, better, and faster way to decrease her pain - then remove it completely. This finally led to a lifestyle of her choice instead of being preoccupied with her pain. She was grateful to go from questioning her future to participating in althetic competitions.

Through recovery, Dr. McCullough PT discovered and developed these methods and products burrowing ideas from the many great movement minds that came before her while pushing them forward in an innovative approach.


 As a physical therapist these methods were taken and proven on her patients, clients, and friends with much delight to everyone. 

Dr. McCullough PT strives to be the guidance that was often missing throughout her own recovery journey.  This is an uncompromising value and mission of her company. 

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