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About our Services & Products

Instructional Fascial Pain Treatment

What we do: Injury Freedom

We offer educational/ instructional videos, seminars, courses, live on-line classes and fitness products (KBars) that work to restore the spring-like quality back to your body's tissues for health and performance through training your fascia.

Instead of using complicated (often over-hyped) technological machines, we use products designed to turn on your body's own “technology” locked inside your fascial planes to develop the machine inside of you!  

Our novel approach re-tools and ignites your “inner spring system.”


Improves mobility 


Helps prevent injuries 


Assists in weight loss





Improves strength





Improved posture


Greater balance and stability 


What is Fascia

Fascia is a tough connective tissue which spreads throughout the body in a three-dimensional web from head to toe with no interruptions. It can also be thought of as a flexible shiscabob skewer that goes around and thorough different elements of your body such as organs, tendons, bones, ligaments, muscles, arteries, veins, and nerves. It transmits both small and larger forces throughout your body and causes chain reactive motions. 

Trauma, accidents, strains, sprains, injuries, posture, or inflammation can create a binding down of fascia resulting in excessive pressure on nerves, muscles, blood vessels, osseous structures, or organs. 

No current X-ray, CAT, MRI, or other scans can image these restrictions therefore they widely go undiagnosed, noticed and/or treated.

What We Don't Do:

We do not provide traditional physical therapy services. Dr Meena McCullough is a licensed Doctor Physical Therapy however this company and line of products/method is not traditional physical therapy. We are not evaluating or diagnosing health/ physical conditions.


In addition, this is NOT trigger point, rolling with a lacrosse ball, foam rolling, traditional "myofascial release" or a massage technique of any sort. We do release the myofascia, however in a new way, unlike the current “pop-culture” myofascial release techniques used today.

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Why we do it

Dr. Meena PT had a problem, solved it, tested it with others to solve their problems and now is bringing the solution to you.

Globally, the products and methods share knowledge acquired by Meena McCullough, Doctor of Physical Therapy, during her recovery from years of living with chronic debilitating pain to an active, athletic, joyful life. 
Through her recovery, Dr. McCullough P.T. discovered methods for developing the body’s fascia system to unlock new freedom of movement and reduce pain.  

These methods were first discovered by the embodied learning of her healing herself of pain in almost all of her joints. As a physical therapist these methods were taken and proven on her patients with much delight to Dr. McCullough and her patients alike.

Dr. McCullough P.T. strives to be the guidance that was often missing throughout her own recovery journey.  This is an uncompromising value and mission of her company. 

How we do it: “Fascia Trainers”

The body’s fascial system is interconnected throughout your body in many ways. Therefore, a tool or exercise used for one area of the body can help heal another. 
Our products take you from movement that is painful or impossible to a motion that is pain-free and easy to perform. 

The science used is that of fascial planes (the connective tissue throughout the body). This program is different from any other and can be used along with any workout/wellness regimen. 


These tools, methods, and educational resources can be powerfully used as a warmup and cool down to any existing exercise program or simply on their own under your computer desk. 

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Body Spring Analogy

Body Spring is: 
1.An analogy to using the body like a physical spring as the main objective to human movement, as fascia has a rebounding effect when it works effectively. 

2. The elastic quality of your body activates more after training the fascia - on a physiological level; And the more it is activated properly- the more spring-like quality you will experience in your movements. 

This visibly produces a bounce in your step due to increased “force transmission.” This effect comes from training your fascia and not just your muscles. 

However, when our body is tight everywhere our fascia has shrunken in size. It feels like clothing which is 2 sizes too small. 

How it works differently than what you are doing now: 

These movement products develop and activate the fascia, not just the muscle! 
By training your fascia, your muscles will automatically use your fascia correctly. This results in a reflexive motion containing a cushioned rebound. 

The products and methods target not only the muscles, but the fascia and connective tissue that surrounds muscles, bones, and joints. Body Spring also targets the entire joint and joint capsule, using spring technology to lengthen the body and remove restrictions from movement and to stimulate blood flow and oxygen to that area.

Studies show whatever your age you can improve your tissues this way to return functional movement while decreasing pain and inflammation.  

Many find these methods more effective and long lasting than foam rolling, self massage, trigger point, blasting, myofascial stretching  or alternatives already on the market. Our products and method activate your fascia from the “inside out” instead of the “outside in” like the techniques of foam rolling and self massage with a stick or ball. 

Who is this for?

This system is for any age, gender, body type. Based in neuroscience and emerging new discoveries in fascia, Body Spring method is utilized by athletes and anyone looking to improve their quality of life or to feel better.

Reducing different causes of pain-  with all conditions that effect strength and movement- Fascia Trainers do not treat the actual condition but aims to treat the underlying mechanisms contributing to the pain.

Preventative health lifestyle

Balance training


Increasing athletic performance

Healthy aging throughout your lifespan

Warm up/ Cool down

Office chair exercise 


Our products/ methods make the difference

Because these are corrective fascial alignments and NOT typical exercises, where and how each person experiences sensations will be different for every person. 

Where you experience the fascial activation sensation reflects the different places your fascia. lines are hung up or stiff. All that matters is you experience a “different feeling.” This is an indication you are experiencing the unique sensation of fascia activation. 

A new abut comforting type of pulling or tension sensation is normal. Shaking of your muscles is reported as well due to the deep activation of stabilizing or “helper” muscles.  

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