When will I feel better?

"When will I feel better?"

It's a tough question, one that many people spend hours wondering about. When I was a new physical therapist the answer used to be: it depends on factors like your injury type and demographics; if you have other medical conditions as well motivation and mindset. Although that is true I've grown in my practice---I've come away realizing a more relevant thing you need: a deep understanding of what hurts and what feels relieving so you can find out how best to treat YOU!

You might be wondering how to "tap into your pain" in a healthy way. Because typically many people do not grow up with vocabulary surrounding what is “good” pain and what is “bad” pain this can seem confusing at first but is an important process to navigate. After all, your body is your most important lifelong tool!

The truth is that (as long as you have not had a recent surgery or traumatic injury) there are many ways, and one way to know you're on the right track would involve getting deep pulling sensations around or near an area where it hurts - which can help suggest some techniques for relieving discomfort without needing medication!

Body Spring's principles of fascia will help you become more aware as your body and its tension patterns are recognized. You may feel " muscles waking up" that have been unused before or an opening up in the joints which allows for better range-of motion without pain!

The body is a complex system with much insight to be gained for wellness as you learn to work with your own fascia in the form of connective tissue, muscles, bones, joints, and cartilage. Body Spring can help by teaching exercises that target these areas so they're never left out! "My pain goes deep and I feel an opening up deep within my body when I do these ." says one client who was glad he found us after years spent struggling on his own - try opening yourself back up again today!

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