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You Are What Your Life Has Been. Where are You Going Now?

Updated: Mar 27

I want people to understand where this company grew from and why it’s my life’s mission and passion.

One thing I want to explain is: I was first and foremost a pain patient myself. After 10s of thousands of dollars on medical bills and alternative treatments of all kinds, I took my pain into my own hands to solve my problems, when no one else could.

During this time the amount of research and self-scientific experiemention was high. I felt like I was living one nightmare after another. Fast forward many years and discoveries later, I am living a pain free living of active athletic pursiuts and even competitions.

This life progression has colored everything in my life, career, and perception of the world. Most health practitioners first start their careers working in the industry and then later need help with their health. This may seem like a subtle distinction however is actually really big. Because I went through life in this order, I've experienced perceptions of the world differently.

1. When I was 25 I developed a chronic condition that doctors could not diagnose or treat. I remember going to every practitioner's office (pre-schooling) with desperation in my heart. I hoped desperately someone would help me.

What I saw and felt firsthand at this time was how medical stigmas can develop surrounding a patient.

2. Going to school then working as a medical professional I witnessed, heard, and learned shocking conversations with other professionals concerning thoughts and philosophies, further stigmatizing these "types of patients" seeking help.

This was very surprising, confusing, and offensive to me- especially having the problems I described above. In the medical setting, I had largely bitten my tongue when practitioners immediately wrote off a patient as making something up, crazy, or psychosomatic.

Some health workers are indoctrinated into this way of thinking: it's the patient's fault for their pain if they don't get better. Some of this problem surrounds course curricula in schools being myopic in scope and biased at times.

After practicing for many years I now also see the struggles practitioners have themselves. There are some are truly amazing health practitioners but they don’t have the time or are burned out by the increasing demands of the health care industry.

And yet other practitioners fall painstaking short of providing decent care.

I looked normal, tried my hardest to act and function normally but felt like I was in a constant state of dying from the inside. Strange sensations constantly invade my body, sucking my energy, affecting my goals in life, and debilitating me on some days.

Uncovering the power of training fascia has truly been a rewarding and fascinating journey. An even larger reward came when I started bringing these principles and products to others, such as patients and friends, seeing their reactions and success' has been priceless to me on a very personal level.

With knowing what I know now and walking my path- how can I not share what I've learned?

I have with myself, my patients, and now I desire to make an even greater impact with - Body Spring.

(Below: One of the only photos I took while suffering. I always tried to hide it for fear of shame.)

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