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Fascia Explained

At Body Spring we understand the importance of basics and fascia is that, the foundation of our body. 

In short, fascia is the fabric that holds everything in our body together and in place. Click below or go to our "About Fascia" tab to learn more. 

Patented Exercise Equipment

Designed for Close Chained Exercises

The K-Bar is an adaptable stretching tool used to help with tendonitis, mobility, stability, foot, ankle, & knee pain.  Made of aluminum, the K-Bar contains your pressure within the body all while facilitating proper form. 

Your Body's New Owner Manual

How, When & Where to Move

The K-Course is the method to the madness ~ a comprehensive manual sharing Dr. McCullough's insights, best practices, and the secret to neuromuscular control.  The course pairs with the KBar, demonstrating the 4 P's: pressure, press point, pulse, and position.

Body Spring Channel

Knowledge is Power!

As a practicing outpatient physical therapist and competitive ballroom dancer, Dr. McCullough is constantly educating herself about the human body and how it moves.  Stay updated in her latest tips, tricks, and topics on feet strength, fascia, and more!



Our K-Bar makes it possible for athletes to break deeper into their body while exerting minimal amounts of effort and strain.  Dr. McCullough carefully designed her tool after years of hands on physical therapy and patient feedback. What started as a simple trinket to help her clients soon became a multifaceted tool used to help with lower body pains, tendonitis, and ankle mobility, stability, and alignment.  The K-Bar is outfitted with two toe straps that allow your toes to fan out in their natural position.  When used in conjunction with the Kbar, the entire foot toe to heel can be worked as one.

The K-Bar can be purchased in our KKit, a fascia catchall including the KBar and KCourse. Click here to see the K-Bar in action!

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Provides "hardstop" for force

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cushions to comfortably hug the body 

allows for proper joint alignment

tailored for all body parts

prompts your toes to fan out, stretching to their intended and natural state



Our K-Course is a simple yet complete method to help reprogram your body through pressure, press points, pulse, and position.  Learn how to harness your neuromuscular control by using the concepts in the K-Course with the K-Bar. Listed below is a complete yet nonexhaustive list of what you'll receive in the K-Cue Course. 

1. Step-by-step guidance for conducting proper exercises, movements, and stretches

2. A method that understand and takes into account that one size does not fit all

3. A guide on how to utilize the 4 P's: press points, pulse, pressure, and position

4. Instructions for necessary modifications

5. Tips on how to avoid common mistakes


Move with Intention

What is your why?

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Back Pain


From the mouths' of Dr. McCullough's patients

"It’s a great workout, especially for people who want to improve their balance and stability.  It really makes my whole body feel connected and helps with my posture.  It may not look very strenuous from the outside but it's a hard workout."


On Real Patients 

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