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 Injury Freedom
Live Your Best Life 

Body Spring is a company that cares about people, science, and results


Movement Restructured

You train your: muscles, tendons, cardiovascular it's time to   Train your Fascia


Product line and Method

We train and enhance human movment. In fact, we train it like never before using principals of the latest scientific research. 



Share your journey alongside ours. Grow your body and mind while taking control of your pain and athletic potential- tapping into your body's own technology


We train force transmission within the connective tissue that crisscrosses your body (fascia) with an innovative approach from our founder who first solved her own problem out of necessity to not settle for a "life once lived" 

See How it works!

We provide course videos, seminars, methods, and tools for training your body's health using the principles of Fascia

Your body doesn't come with an owner's manual. If you are like me and thousands of my other clients- you've learned your body is the most important tool you own.


How it feels and functions from the inside- affects everything on the outside.

Fascial plane science - is the new science in town- and it's shedding brand new light on body structures and human movement possibilities.


Body Spring is harnessing this state-of-the-art science to help people recover and athletically enhance movement to function better than ever before.

Body Spring uses education, learning, methods, tools to get one fascial plane/ muscle layer to glide on another- this is different from traditional training.


It consists of different principles, rules, and tools than purely exercising your muscles.

 What does our company do: 


We are a targeted-movement "technology" that consists of lightweight/ portable tools and methods in a revolutionary way to train the entire bodies' fascia system - all in the comfort of your own home, office or gym.

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We give Quality of Life through Targeted Movement

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Fascia is the largest organ in the body. It is also the most recently studied. The scientific community has discovered new regenerating cells and vast nerve endings within it.

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